Board of Trustees

Board Minutes      |      Annual Report

As a charter school, GCCS operates independently of the Rochester City School District and reports directly to the New York State Board of Regents through the State Education Department.  GCCS Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the school operates in a fiscally sound manner and maintains fidelity to the philosophy, program, and policies set forth in the school’s charter.  

The GCCS Board:

  • Includes 17 members— the school leader, parents, teachers, museum, and community representatives.
  • Meets at 5:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month in the Cunningham House Studio on the RMSC campus.
  • Approves minutes from the previous meeting, hears a report from one of our teaching teams, examines financial statements, and receives an update from our school leader.  
  • Creates or approves policies, such as the bullying or chaperone policies.

Minutes from each month’s meeting are available on the school’s website after they are formally approved and adopted by the Board.  

To contact Board Members: 585-271-4552 x460 (leave message)

Mark Schiesser - President
Lisa Wing – School Leader
 – Vice President
Community Representative
Kevin Sutherland – Treasurer
Larry Coley – Museum Representative
Patrick Flanigan – Parent Representative
Michelle Hannagan – Community Representative
Nathan Hayes – Museum Representative
Marcia Joy – Community Representative
Steven Lee-Davis – Staff Representative
Carla Morris – Parent Representative
Jack Peltz – Parent Representative
 – Community Representative
Bridget Shumway – Community Representative
Shannon Hillman - Staff Representative
Tracy Walker – Secretary