A Caring Community

At GCCS, student learning and school culture are interwoven. From the time the youngest kindergarteners walk through our doors, students learn to be considerate and respectful members of the school community. The EL Education design principles guide our school culture and the way in which children and adults treat one another. We teach children to understand and respect their own strengths and needs as well as those of other children and adults in our school community. Members of the school community honor and take care of the world around them.
Our deliberate focus on the social curriculum is reflected in the success of our academic curriculum. Children and teachers approach their work with enthusiasm and seriousness of purpose, which is possible when members of the school community are inclusive, kind, and caring.

At GCCS, we not only honor the importance of maintaining a caring environment in the school, but we believe that children should understand and interact with the city and world beyond our school walls.  As children learn academic skills they build a strong sense of social and community responsibility.  Our curriculum, with its focus on local history, lends itself to the study of community issues. Students often venture out into the metropolitan area to deepen their understanding of the world around them.  Our older students also explore our place in the world community and take an active part in investigating and proposing solutions to larger community issues.  By engaging in the study of issues relevant locally and globally, GCCS students learn to take action and make a difference.