Community Circle

An important weekly ritual at GCCS is Community Circle.  Every week our school comes together to celebrate learning and nurture a strong, positive, and caring school culture. Students enter with music playing, they participate in a variety of activities, and they leave singing a medley of goodbye songs to wish them well until we meet again.  Parents are invited and are active participants in our circle.  Just like many cultures around the globe, our gatherings identify who we are as a school community.
Students and families can always count on singing at every Community Circle, but the themes change from week to week.  Our Community Circles take on a variety of different forms that have evolved over the past nine years.  Below are samples of all that we do during the course of a school year at Community Circle.

Highlighting of the arts in expeditions

  • Design Principle Wednesdays
  • The sharing of field studies
  • Wacky Wednesdays
  • The Gennys (Our school’s version of the Grammys)
  • Highlighting student writing
  • Drum circles
  • Guest experts and artists
  • Singing, singing, and more singing
  • Folk dancing
  • Classroom-led Community Circles
  • Highlighting student talent
  • Math and music Wednesdays
  • Exhibition sharing