Experience the Difference

Walk through the door, and you immediately realize this is an exceptional place. You hear the voices of children and adults raised together in song to welcome the day and greet one another. Observe students collaborating, heads together, as they tackle a seemingly impossible task with confidence. Feel the warmth of support and encouragement among teachers and students. View student work and projects that reflect a culture of quality.  Sense the deep level of engagement and the commitment to learning in every classroom. You know this is a place where children compose lives of meaning, purpose, and joy.

Welcome to the Genesee Community Charter School.

We are a nurturing and close-knit community where students are engaged in an active, inquiry-based approach to academics.  Teachers honor children’s ideas, value their questions, and foster their social and emotional growth.  Parents support their children’s learning at home, in the classroom, and on fieldwork. We work together to instill a strong sense of community responsibility through collaboration, service, and leadership.
Our students perform well on standardized measures of academic performance.  But we provide children with so much more than basic academic skills.  We teach them the joy of discovery.  The power of collaboration.  The pride of quality work.  The satisfaction of making a difference.

An extraordinarily talented staff, a rich curriculum, strong community connections, dedicated families, and a powerful educational model make it possible.
We are the Genesee Community Charter School.  An exceptional school.  An exceptional choice.