About First Grade

Children in our full day kindergarten begin the process of becoming lifelong learners and friends. Immersed in a print-rich environment, our youngest students are presented with an authentic purpose for literacy through expeditions. They engage in reading groups, experience literacy through songs, drama and art, and work on letter study and phonics concepts. Expedition work naturally encourages our kindergarteners to learn to work with their peers and solve conflicts peacefully.

As our kindergarteners transition into first grade, teachers continue to develop literacy skills through reading and writing workshop, songs, drama, and art. During expedition time, expectations increase as children apply their developing literacy skills to research and writing. Students begin to develop their number sense through a variety of experiences, daily practice, and finding math in the world around them.

First Grade


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Welcome to First Grade!

We have P.E. on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On P.E. days, please make sure your child brings sneakers and comfortable clothes that stretch easily (jeans are discouraged).

Please make sure to send in a set of labeled clothing for your child in a plastic bag. We keep these in the classroom in case of spills or accidents.




First Grade Classroom Expeditions

Season: Winter School Year: 2016-2017

What happened to all of the shoemakers? This expedition begins with an exploration of the lasting machine, a symbolic beginning to the advancement of the shoemaking industry. Throughout this expedition, students will look at other inventions of the early 1900’s to examine the benefits and potential consequences of these items in the home. Using authentic photographs taken from cameras, another technological advancement of this time period, students will learn how to “read a photograph” while exploring inventions that look different from what we have in our households today. First graders will also learn the art of photography and learn how to take quality photographs of their present-day invention counterparts. Using the camera and photographs as a “lens” (pun intended) into the past, first graders will also learn about high quality designs and become designers themselves as they create a book about items from long ago and today as well as learn how to make a “book light” that will accompany their final product. Exhibition Night will showcase their inventions by bringing their book “to life” in a performance where the students become these photographs of the past.


First Grade
Jenny Elahi - Teacher

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Shannon Hillman - Teacher

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Theresa Fitpatrick – Teaching Assistant

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