About Kindergarten

Children in our full day kindergarten begin the process of becoming lifelong learners and friends. Immersed in a print-rich environment, our youngest students are presented with an authentic purpose for literacy through expeditions. They engage in reading groups, experience literacy through songs, drama and art, and work on letter study and phonics concepts. Expedition work naturally encourages our kindergarteners to learn to work with their peers and solve conflicts peacefully.

As our kindergarteners transition into first grade, teachers continue to develop literacy skills through reading and writing workshop, songs, drama, and art. During expedition time, expectations increase as children apply their developing literacy skills to research and writing. Students begin to develop their number sense through a variety of experiences, daily practice, and finding math in the world around them.



Kindergarten Classroom Expeditions

Season: Spring School Year: 2017-2018

Kindergarten’s expedition begins by revisiting the string story. Symbols of the Seneca are added to the story and another string is added introducing the arrival of a new mysterious people. Kindergarteners visit the “At the Western Door” exhibit at the RMSC to search for more information about the Seneca. While there, students begin to notice that new people have arrived. These people do not look like the Seneca, but do seem to be interacting with the Seneca, trading materials that serve as clues to their home. Eventually students learn that these people are Europeans. Students learn that the Europeans first settled near the coast before moving onto Seneca land. Kindergarteners begin to discover how the presence of the Europeans began to affect the lives of the Seneca. Students will then focus on settler life. The Stone-Tolan House will become an anchor text from which students gather clues and ask questions about this area’s first settlers. They will focus on the character traits of responsibility and collaboration as they look at the various roles and responsibilities of early settlers.

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Welcome to Kindergarten!
  • PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Wear sneakers and comfortable clothing!
  • Please make sure to send in a complete set of labeled extra clothing for your child.  We keep these in our classroom  in case of accidents.  

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