About Music

Children are immersed in music, both in the classroom and in their weekly music class. Taught using the Orff-Schulwerk approach, they sing, play, compose, and dance their understanding of complex expedition content. Students at every grade level perform musicals, participate in drum circles, and record CDs. They experience music from many different peoples and places, and are exposed to a wide variety of musical forms, such as opera, jazz, and African drumming. By the time children leave GCCS, they have learned to create and appreciate music and are equipped with musical tools that will help them succeed in other musical endeavors.



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Welcome to music!

We're well on our way to another year of exciting and inspiring music making!  Here are a few highlights of what your child will be studying in music this winter:

Kindergarten and First Grade

  • Musical Opposites

Second and Third Grade 

  • Pentatonic Scale
  • Ostinato
  • Composition

Fourth and Fifth Grade

  • African Drumming
  • Blues/Jazz
  • Recorder

Sixth Grade

  • Guitar



Interested in sharing your musical talents with the GCCS Community, or just want to get involved with the music making?  Please contact me!  Family involvement is most welcome!
Music Teacher
Erika Barone – Music Teacher