About Second Grade

In second and third grade, authentic purposes for improving literacy skills arise daily as increasingly complex expedition work picks up momentum and offers more opportunities for crew work. As budding authors and emergent readers, nearly all reading material and writing assignments are now generated by the expedition content. Children write poetry, nonfiction articles about a researched topic, and biographies.

Children’s social skills mature as they take on the dynamics of group work and are able to complete a finished product or a goal. At the same time, teachers expect students at this age to become more independent problem solvers, and by the end of third grade, children are equipped to work in crews or independently. Students continue to build their number sense and learn to apply these skills to solve increasingly complex problems found in the classroom and the world around them, and they learn to communicate their mathematical thinking through drawing, writing, and conversing.

Second Grade


Second Grade Classroom Expeditions

Season: Fall School Year: 2017-2018

This expedition will immerse students in complex and abstract concepts regarding patterns, cycles, and principles governing the universe. Students will begin the expedition learning about three very observable components of our galaxy – the sun, moon, and stars – within the context of the guiding question, “How do the patterns and cycles of the sun, moon, and stars affect my daily life?” After several weeks of study students will shift their focus to the study of the solar system including planets and moons. The guiding question “How do astronomers learn about space?” will aid their investigation of planets, gravity, rotation, revolution, and tools that we use to help us learn. Then students will examine deep space phenomena such as black holes, supernovas, space travel, and origin theories of the universe from a scientist’s perspective. 


Field Studies and Other Important Dates


9/22 Outdoor Field Study 8:30 - 2:00


10/02 Outdoor Field Study 9:45 -11:45


10/06 Museum Field Study 8:30 - 10:30


10/16 Curriculum NIght 5:30 - 7:00


10/24 Outdoor Field Study 8:30 - 11:15

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Raptor Research Links 

Nat Geo Kids

San Diego Zoo Kids


Math Fluency Links

Math Magician Addition and Subtraction 

Diaper Derby  Addition 

Flying High  Subtraction 








Second Grade
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