About Sixth Grade

Our sixth graders, having spent years preparing for the role, emerge as leaders in the GCCS community. The environment for sixth grade encourages leadership, responsibility, and activism. With appropriate supports in place, students have more social and academic freedom and take on significant roles in the classroom and school.

Our students extend their potential for leadership to the Rochester community as well. Each year, the class takes on a new and important local “hot topic” to investigate. Teachers expose students to many perspectives on an issue and the class researches solutions developed in other cities around the country and the world. Students prepare a report and present their findings and recommendations to city officials and other stakeholders.

Sixth grade culminates with individual student passage presentations to a panel of school and community representatives.  Students present portfolios of their work and describe their growth as readers, writers, mathematicians, and artists. They reflect on their understanding of the important factors that contributed to the development of Rochester through time, and the roles they are prepared to assume as leaders and crew members in their community.

In sixth grade mathematics, students take on the role of mathematicians as they learn to reason and to communicate mathematically, connecting mathematics to social and scientific research and analysis.

Sixth Grade

Congratulations GCCS Class of 2017!

I Am From 2017


I am from fidget spinners and bottle flips,

From “Got you fam” and “It’s your boy”

Snapchat streaks and Google chats

Figuring out how to fit in and still be unique


I am from canoes across Darts Lake,

Open air sleeping with the coyote’s howl.

Slipping, sliding, sweating, up a mountain

- and then down again.


I am from take-a-breaks and raise-your-hand,

Silent stares and not so subtle glares.

Side eyes and under-the-radar roasts,

Testing limits and seeing what I could get away with.


I am from sweating the small stuff (or ignoring it altogether)

From check minus to check plus, resolving feedback and hoping

It would just go away

(but in never did).


I am from climbing trees and football games,

Flips into rust colored leaves, laughing the whole while.

I am from snowballs and thin jackets that don’t really protect

From Rochester’s cold winter chill.


I am from broken pencils, endless doodles, and unnecessary bathroom breaks.

Counting minutes until recess and forcing my heavy head off the desk.

I am from math menus, written reflections, and journal writing, finding courage to

Share my work and go beyond the bare minimum.


I am from Success and Failure, from Service and Compassion,

Learning what my limits are and pushing myself to help others.

I am from Compost crew and pulling plastic and PLU stickers

From three day old banana peels and telling myself it’s ok, it’s for the environment.


I am from odd jobs, stair sprints and medicine balls,

From chores and tasks that keep me busy - or at least out of the classroom.

I am from dealing with stress and anxiety the best I can,

Especially when I don’t want to talk about it and withdraw - or worse, lash out.


I am from Morning Messages and sign in percentages,

From flying yellow chickens named for a sixties duo I’ve never heard of.

I am from the cries of POW!, the clapping of dagger catching hands,

The laughs from peek a who antics and the full contact games of musical chairs,



I am from endless edits and rehearsed lines of portfolio scripts,

From the satisfaction of a job well done (or the disappointment of not doing as well as I had hoped).

I am from friends I’ve made seven years ago and friends I made this year,

A crew with a history and a not-so-good reputation- a family all the same.


I am from sparkly moments, tears of joy and sorrow, and shared laughter.

From honoring diversity, difference of opinion, and acceptance

Knowing all of this, I raise my head high, and say,

I am from the Class of 2017 and I am proud.



Nothing for the Class of 2017...but Class of 2018, watch this space soon for summer learning!


Sixth Grade Classroom Expeditions

Season: Spring School Year: 2016-2017

During their final expedition at GCCS, sixth graders will discover that while play seems like a natural, universal right, there are many barriers that prevent children from participating in play - at home, at school, and in the community. We will explore the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and how the “right to play,” while guaranteed in the document, is a broken promise in many parts of the world. Inspired by the UNCRC and following an examination of local recess policies, we will propose a new, comprehensive recess policy for GCCS. Additionally, we will look at how the lack of risk and adventure have actually stymied play and how nature play spaces can help "reset" adult fears around play by empowering children to assess risk and become leaders of the play revolution.  Our ongoing work with the Cumming Nature Center will also find closure, as we present our design plans and scale model of a site-specific, nature play space.


Sixth Grade
Chris Dolgos – Teacher

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Alexis Stubbe – Teacher

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Barb Schild – Teaching Assistant

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