About Sixth Grade

Our sixth graders, having spent years preparing for the role, emerge as leaders in the GCCS community. The environment for sixth grade encourages leadership, responsibility, and activism. With appropriate supports in place, students have more social and academic freedom and take on significant roles in the classroom and school.

Our students extend their potential for leadership to the Rochester community as well. Each year, the class takes on a new and important local “hot topic” to investigate. Teachers expose students to many perspectives on an issue and the class researches solutions developed in other cities around the country and the world. Students prepare a report and present their findings and recommendations to city officials and other stakeholders.

Sixth grade culminates with individual student passage presentations to a panel of school and community representatives.  Students present portfolios of their work and describe their growth as readers, writers, mathematicians, and artists. They reflect on their understanding of the important factors that contributed to the development of Rochester through time, and the roles they are prepared to assume as leaders and crew members in their community.

In sixth grade mathematics, students take on the role of mathematicians as they learn to reason and to communicate mathematically, connecting mathematics to social and scientific research and analysis.

Sixth Grade


Welcome GCCS Class of 2019!


Retreat and field study thank you letter drafts due Monday, Sept. 24; final drafts will be due Wednesday, Sept. 26.

Re-read Curtis and Sae-Young in Seedfolks, complete graphic organizer on those chapters. Due Monday, Sept. 24.

Dress for dance in PE, Monday, Sept. 24.

PICTURE DAY - Thursday, Sept. 27.


The East Avenue Grocery Run 5K needs help at the finish line water station! Our sixth graders have helped with this race for the past three years - let's keep the tradition going. Service hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (or as long as you can help), Saturday, Nov. 3rd. We need to set up/ break down water station and distribute bottles to finishing racers. 


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Back to School Letter 2018-19

Sixth Grade Classroom Expeditions

Season: Spring School Year: 2017-2018

As their year of investigating Bridges and Barriers comes to a close, the sixth grade class of 2018 will have the opportunity to leave a permanent mark on their community through collaboration and service. The class will kick off the expedition by speaking with experts from Rochester who have a stake in the equitable redevelopment of our city to get a sense of what it has accomplished – so far – and what still needs improvement. The Four Cities trip will provide answers to the class’s guiding questions and best practices in community equity, youth engagement, and mural programs. Students will begin to synthesize their findings to share with Rochester experts and local audiences through a publication that chronicles Rochester’s Renaissance. Finally, the Better World Project will give rise to four murals in the city that reflect the unique identity of Rochester’s neighborhoods and history.


Sixth Grade
Chris Dolgos – Teacher

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Alexis Stubbe – Teacher

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Melissa Jones - Teaching Assistant

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