Chris Dolgos

Chris Dolgos started teaching at the started working as a teacher at the Genesee Community Charter School in 2001, the first year it opened.  In fact, he was part of the planning committee that secured the school's original charter and is one of the school’s Founders.  Prior to teaching at the Genesee Community Charter School, Mr. Dolgos taught in the Rochester City School District, was a Museum Educator in New York City, and coordinated education exchanges between the USA and USSR.  Mr. Dolgos has also taught on the faculty of the Nazareth College Graduate School of Education.  Mr. Dolgos has a bachelor’s degree from Manhattanville College and a master’s degree in museum education from Bank Street College of Education.

Mr. Dolgos is a proud dad of three who likes traveling with his wife and kids during the summer (his kids accuse him of making every family outing a "learning experience").  When Mr. Dolgos cannot convince his family to take part in educational travel, he goes alone.  He is the recipient of two Fund for Teachers fellowships, National Endowment for the Humanities / Landmarks of American Culture Fellow, and a Keizai Koho Center fellowship recipient.

Mr. Dolgos is a bit of a "bird nerd" and is especially enthralled with birds of prey.  Each spring, Mr. Dolgos looks forward to the raptor migration at Braddock's Bay and enticing the chickadees to eat from his hand at Mendon Ponds Park each winter.

About the Genesee Community Charter School, Mr. Dolgos states:  “I think fieldwork is one aspect of our school that enriches both students and teachers. Not many kids - let alone adults - get to follow the Genesee River from its source to its mouth or get to go on a fossil dig or get to fly across the country to collect research on a topic that could transform our city. The fieldwork our kids do at Genesee Community Charter School has real significance and gets kids collaborating, questioning, and thinking deeply about their community and their world.


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