The Arts

Visual Arts      |      Music     |      Physical Expedition

The arts form the foundation of the culture of Genesee Community Charter School, playing a critical role in creating a warm, inviting, collaborative atmosphere in which students develop their social and academic skills and strengthen their capacity for self-expression.

Music, visual arts, dance, and creative movement are a central part of each child’s social and academic development and each learning expedition at the school.  Through the arts, students learn to express their understanding creatively at a literal, historical and cultural, and conceptual level. The arts allow students to reinforce and extend their insights into the concepts and content they are studying in the classroom.

Students engage in the creative process to explore connections between music, visual arts, dance and creative movement and another subject area to gain greater understanding in both. The experience is mutually reinforcing and provides an authentic context for students to learn more content, and as students delve deeper into the content, their growing understandings deepen their artistic expression.  

In 2006, the Genesee Community Charter School was awarded a four-year Federal Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Project Grant from the US Department of Education.