2016-2017 Expeditions

Fall 2016-2017

Grade: Kindergarten

Kindergarteners will begin this year thinking about community. What is community? What is a kindergartener’s role in the GCCS community? How do people in a community help each other? The class will first look inside the classroom to find the answers to these questions as they get to know each other, their jobs, routines and their classroom rules. There sure is a lot to do the first few weeks of kindergarten!!

Grade: First Grade

First Grade kicks off with a boot! Through the lens of shoes, first graders will learn about early Rochester. They'll have a chance to find out about Rochester’s history through original artifacts, field studies, and guest experts. A mysterious document written in 1830 will guide the class’s way through the expedition.

Grade: Second Grade

This expedition will begin with a visit from a historical figure named Jesse Hawley. In the 1800’s, Hawley, a miller from western New York, was put in debtor’s prison after failing to make enough money to pay his bills due to the shipping costs and difficulties of transporting the flour his mill produced. From prison, he wrote fourteen articles describing his idea for the Erie Canal, a waterway that would connect the western part of New York

Grade: Third Grade

Rochester is America’s first boomtown. It practically happened overnight, but what were the contributing factors, and how did this sudden influx of people and ideas work together to create historic change? This Fall Expedition, the third grade class will investigate the unique climate and landscape that influenced farming in the region and the high-yield wheat that drove the wheat markets.

Grade: Fourth Grade

In this presidential election year, fourth graders will study how people have been oppressed in the United States and what people did to make change, using the abolitionist, women's suffrage and civil rights movements as case studies. Through field work, guest experts and historic documents, students will make connections to local history - famous historic figures like Frederick Douglas and Susan B.

Grade: Fifth Grade

In the aftermath of the American Revolution, through the highly confrontational antebellum period, the Civil War, and the attempts to heal the nation during Reconstruction, the United States was forced to reckon with changes to its population and new ways of thinking about a variety of issues.

Grade: Sixth Grade

This year’s sixth grade class will be looking at our multi-year focus on sustainability through a slightly different lens to explore a topic that has important implications to students’ physical and emotional well-being. We have made great progress on becoming a Green School and have infused many sustainability practices into our school culture and daily routines.

Winter 2016-2017

Grade: Kindergarten

As the population of Rochester grew and the village transformed into a city, the city needed to develop safe and efficient ways for its citizens to get around. In this expedition, kindergarteners will build on their understanding of community and will examine the transportation problems Rochester faced as a growing city and how the city solved those problems.

Grade: First Grade

What happened to all of the shoemakers? This expedition begins with an exploration of the lasting machine, a symbolic beginning to the advancement of the shoemaking industry. Throughout this expedition, students will look at other inventions of the early 1900’s to examine the benefits and potential consequences of these items in the home.

Grade: Second Grade

Students will begin this expedition by examining the Rochester city logo. They will discover that the logo represents two important time periods in Rochester’s history and symbolizes both Rochester’s identity as one of the nation’s first boomtowns as well as the reinvention of itself as a leader in the plant nursery business.