Cities Change!

School Year: 
Second Grade

Students will begin this expedition by examining the Rochester city logo. They will discover that the logo represents two important time periods in Rochester’s history and symbolizes both Rochester’s identity as one of the nation’s first boomtowns as well as the reinvention of itself as a leader in the plant nursery business. Students will learn that advances in transportation technology and settlement by new immigrants to the area with specialized skills in horticulture caused Rochester to change from the Flour City to the Flower City. Students will learn about Patrick Barry and George Ellwanger, leaders in the nursery business and James Vick, a leader in the printing business. Second graders will try theirhand at growing flowers in the classroom as well as printing and packaging seeds. For their final product, students will write an opinion piece and will create flower poetry. The poems students create will be combined with music, art, and dance on Exhibition Night.