The Earth is a Gift

School Year: 

Kindergarteners will receive lots of gifts in their first weeks of school – new friends, new teachers, new materials, and new experiences. They’ll also learn that our planet has many gifts to offer – some that sustain life now and others that tell the story of life long ago. The class will begin by exploring the gifts they give to one another each day by being friendly, helpful, and kind. They will learn how to use all of the gifts provided by the classroom and school to help them learn. Their attention will turn to the gifts of the natural world – resources that enable survival and leftovers from the past that give clues to what lived long ago. Students will examine fossils that tell of the warm sea that once covered this area, and will learn about each animal’s defenses. The final product will be a performance that highlights the “gifts” that allowed each creature to thrive in a prehistoric world.