Forces at Play

School Year: 
Sixth Grade

The winter expedition will enable sixth graders to gain greater insight into play, looking through the lens of inquiry, materials science, and the laws of motion. During the first couple of weeks, students will learn the practice of inquiry to understand why it is the driving force behind science and allows scientists (us!) to understand the world. As we move into the new year, sixth graders will examine wood, stone, and metal as potential materials for our nature playground design for the Cumming Nature Center. Through a series of complex texts, fieldwork, and experiments, they will understand why materials work the way they do and determine the best materials for a nature playground. Students will also read a biography about Sir Isaac Newton to learn more about his life as a scientist and the Laws of Motion. They will apply this learning to how and why moveable parts of a playgroundwork the way they do and how force affects how we play.