I'm from Rochester

School Year: 
Fourth Grade

Part of our identity comes from the place where we live and how that shapes us. What happens when our “home” changes because of famine or war? How much does identity change when we have to find a new place to call home? People have migrated throughout history, and that movement is both caused by and causes change. Starting with their own family history, fourth grade students will examine how place has shaped identities and what parts of identity a person chooses to hold on to when they migrate. Overnight fieldwork in New York City will give students a taste of the life of an immigrant who came through Ellis Island and settled into the Lower East Side to start a new life. In Pawtucket and Lowell, students will see how the Industrial Revolution changed life and work. As work changed, industries changed Rochester and laborers fought to improve their working conditions. Over the course of the expedition, students will explore how communities respond to new immigrants and how immigrants impact their communities.