Picturing a Community

School Year: 

Kindergarten received a new gift from the Gift Book to launch our new Expedition: a puzzle! When the Kindergarteners collaborated to put the puzzle together, it revealed a diorama some of them recognized from the Rochester Museum and Science Center. We journeyed to the RMSC and asked many, many questions about this interesting image and the real thing it shows. Who are these people? What are they building? Where is this picture supposed to be? Is it in the woods? Is it here? What is that deer for? When is this picture from? We don't know yet, but we intend to find out. Kindergarteners now begin an expedition into the world of question words, sentences, communities, and people who lived long ago. We will use images, stories, and informational text to answer these questions. Kindergarteners will investigate how communities use their resources, what makes a sentence a sentence, and how people use rules and roles in their community. For their final product, Kindergarteners will use an image and their words to share true facts about real communities.