Pushing Up The Sky

School Year: 
Second Grade

As second grade embarks on its winter Expedition, students are closely examining the distinct cultures of Native Peoples across North America. The class is narrowing its lens to learn about Native American Nations from the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and the Plains regions by first researching the geography of the region and then trying to understand how the geography shapes the culture. They will compare cultural attributes among Native Peoples by looking at factors such as: food, hunting tools, textiles, musical instruments, modes of transportation, and shelter. They will also build their own class culture is by creating some classroom dances and games using their handmade staffs. Students will also learn about Native American cultures by retelling traditional stories, practicing their storytelling skills by retelling stories and acting them out. As students become more practiced with carrying and dancing with their staffs, they will get prepared for Exhibition Night when the class will put on a play retelling a traditional Tlingit story. During the course of this Expedition the secondg grade class will develop a deep and lasting understanding of culture, Native Peoples, and the importance of storytelling.