Friends of the Genesee Community Charter School

Your Support Matters

Our new 2,250 square foot addition to the school building has been completed. This new facility showcases our nationally-recognized arts program, housing a music room, visual arts room, and dance studio. We have also added space to an undersized second/third grade classroom and our teacher resource room, known as the River Room.

Previously, music was taught in an open hallway space adjacent to the main building entrance, elevator, stairwell, and fifth and sixth grade classrooms. The new music room allows our music teacher to teach the children without distractions and have ready access to all the instruments and instructional materials.

Physical expedition—the physical education program emphasizing creative movement and dance—previously took place in the auditorium basement, a room with a low ceiling and six large columns that block free movement. The improved dance studio has a sprung floor suitable for dance, and students are able to move safely without large columns obstructing their movement.

The visual arts program had its own classroom space, but lacked sinks and storage space for art supplies. The larger visual arts room offers space to create larger projects, such as murals, immediate access to a sink, and additional storage for all arts materials.

The newly-enlarged River Room has more space for teachers to plan and additional space for overflowing books and other resources. The expansion of the second/third grade classroom gives the teachers more room for small group work and eliminates the need for students to work in the hallway.

GCCS was awarded a $200,000 New York State Charter Schools Stimulus Fund Grant to jumpstart the construction project. GCCS has a history of being financially prudent and, therefore, has the required resources to complete the project. However, the project will greatly deplete our reserve funds, which we need to replenish. We have launched a capital campaign to raise money for this purpose, and we need your support to help fund the expansion. No donation is too small.

Thank you for your time, energy, and support of the children of the Genesee Community Charter School.