GCCS Final Product Chosen as EL Model of Excellence

Tue, 10/31/2017 - 9:15am

Through the lens of the One Cubic Foot Bio-Blitz, GCCS students in Grades K-5 examined six different locations along the Genesee River in our first school-wide expedition during the spring of 2017. The students studied the various large, small, and microscopic species they found and investigated the water and soil quality surrounding the area. 

In "vertical teams" (mixed grade levels), students placed their cubes, closely observed and examined the tiny ecosystem within that area, counted and classified the species they found, and used cameras to document their work. Each grade level had its own "grain of sand" to focus on as they uncovered what the river may be telling our community about its health. 

This expedition culminated with a common final product featuring research from all grade levels written in a narrative non-fiction format. This information was shared in an e-book format on the Genesee RiverWatch website for our youngest community members to access. This e-book also revealed observational drawings of the species and specimens found during our One Cubic Foot Bio-Blitz.

EL Education recently added the K-5 spring 2017 final product, Bugs Tell a Story: Healthy Habitats Along the Genesee, to it's Models of Excellence. The e-book can be found at the following link: