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Thu, 03/31/2011 - 12:00am
GCCS Launches "Friends of the Genesee Community Charter School"

Dear Genesee Community Charter School Community:

This year the community is celebrating the 10th birthday of the Genesee Community Charter School (GCCS) and by every measure GCCS is a success.  Fiscally, GCCS has a ten-year history of being financially prudent stewards and is excelling with available resources.  Administratively, staff turnover is low and GCCS embraces a model of continuous growth and improvement.  Most important, academically GCCS is true to the core practices of Expeditionary Learning, and the results are empirical validation that GCCS students excel academically.

The Performance Index in each of the core subjects for GCCS is competitive with or better than every suburban school district in Monroe County.  For example, the New York State Education Department set the Annual Measurable Objective in mathematics for the GCCS at 126 (with 200 being a perfect Performance Index) for the 2009-2010 academic year.  GCCS Performance Index was a 192.  As a point of comparison, this is equal to the school performance index in mathematics at the elementary level in Fairport.  In English Language Arts, the GCCS school performance index was a 190.  As a point of comparison, this is six points higher than the school performance index in English Language Arts at the elementary level in Fairport. 

The United States Department of Education recently named GCCS one of the five most promising Arts Integration Dissemination programs in the country, and the integration of the arts into expedition content is central to the education of every child, even in an era when arts programs are being cut elsewhere. GCCS has achieved this level of excellence with no space for music.  

Students at GCCS get a solid foundation on which to build, and the first group of graduating high school seniors from GCCS is commencing this June.  These students are heading on to great things thanks to the solid foundation built during their formative years, and they still possess an affinity for GCCS and the rich experiences they had here.

With your help, we can do more.  With this 10-year track record of success, we are launching the Friends of Genesee Community Charter School with the “Just Give $10” campaign to celebrate our 10th year. Friends of Genesee Community Charter School is the fundraising initiative of the Genesee Community Charter School.  The mission of Friends of Genesee Community Charter is to provide financial resources to support the mission of the Genesee Community Charter School, including a capital campaign, AND to provide college scholarships to GCCS alumni.

Please consider making a contribution of $10 (or more) to support the mission of the Genesee Community Charter School and help us continue to do great things.  You can contribute on the web page (, in any of the “Just Give $10” boxes that are at special events or in the main office, or just give your donation to any staff member.  At your request, Maureen will be happy to provide you with a receipt for your donation.

Finally, the future will bring more great things to the children and families of the Genesee Community Charter School as the school community continuously improves upon the mission of “…providing a rich educational experience that values intellectual rigor, respect for diversity, and community responsibility.”  The Friends of Genesee Community Charter School will continue to support this mission by raising the financial resources needed to implement this core mission.


Thank you for your time, energy and support of the children of the Genesee Community Charter School.