6th Graders Present to Mayor Richards

Mon, 06/13/2011 - 12:00am
Students present the results of their year-long project to Mayor and City Hall staffers in City Council Chambers

After spending their sixth grade year researching the design and the effects of public art along waterways, the sixth graders unveiled their recommendations to Mayor Tom Richards and City Hall staffers on Monday, June 13.  Students had learned about early forms of public art, the importance of waterways to the establishment of early civilizations, the science of canals, and the science of public art.  Then they traveled to San Antonio, Chattanooga, Chicago, and Portland, Oregon to learn about the economic and social benefits of public art along revitalized waterways.  The students designed four public art pieces for consideration for location along the newly-rewatered Erie Canal downtown.  Students described the rationale for public art and the importance of waterways in thriving cities, and offered funding and maintenance suggestions.

This year-long project was spurred by a challenge given by former Mayor (now Lieutenant Governor) Robert Duffy, who told the class that if it recommended one public art piece for Rochester, he would ensure that it was built.