GCCS Bike Train

Wed, 05/24/2017 -
7:30am to 8:00am
The GCCS Bike Train will run each Wednesday, beginning on May 10th and continue through June 14th . There are three bike trains: Winton/Blossom, Brighton Commons, and Meigs St. Each bike train will leave at 7:30 and plan to arrive at GCCS at 7:50
The Winton/Blossom bike train will leave the corner of Winton Rd. and Blossom (on the Tops corner) and head west on Blossom. We will stop at 7:35 at the corner Hampden and Blossom. We will continue on Blossom to University and stop at the Merriman St. playground on the corner of Merriman and University. We will turn onto Oxford and head to GCCS through the rear RMSC driveway. This bike train will be led by Alexis and Todd Stubbe. 
The Meigs Street bike train meets at 7:30 and doesn't make stops along the way. This train stays on Meigs until Meigs ends at East Avenue. The bike train will turn right onto East, cross Goodman, and turn right onto Goodman to enter our campus through the gate between the Cunningham House and GCCS. This bike train will be led by Jack Peltz and Kevin Kelley. 
The Brighton Commons bike train will meet at Abbott's at Brighton Commons (12 Corners). The train will work its way up Monroe and at 7:40 stop at the corner of Southern Parkway and Monroe. The train will continue down Monroe and stop at the corner of Rosedale at 7:45. Continuing down Monroe, they will turn right onto Oxford and left into the rear RMSC driveway. This bike train will be led by Melissa Fredericks. 
We have adults to lead, but any additional parents who'd like to ride with their children are strongly encouraged to do so. Please be sure your child is equipped with a working bicycle, helmet, and is able to independently ride a bike. It's important to note that bike trains do not bring kids home, so please make arrangements for your child (and his/her bike) to arrive home safely after Community Circle.   Thank you! Go bikes!