Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee Goal Statement

October 24, 2016



GCCS was founded on the belief that all children benefit from life experiences that come with attending school with peers from other racial, socio-economic, religious, and ethnic groups as well as those who have disabilities, live in different geographic areas, and have varied family structures.  We have been fortunate to provide our students with one of the most diverse peer populations in the county.  In order to capitalize upon our diversity and improve our ability to promote students’ appreciation of their classmates’ backgrounds, this committee has been founded with the following goals:


  • To broaden the participation of families in Family Association events, committees, and governance to include more diversity
  • To facilitate parent community-building across differences
  • To provide diversity and equity programming for GCCS community/family enrichment
  • To promote students’ appreciation of their classmates’ racial, ethnic, socio-economic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, as well as differences related to disabilities, neighborhood of residence, and family structures
  • To equip GCCS students to think and talk safely and productively about race and bias and to support them in building personal relationships across peer differences
  • To raise staff awareness of assumptions about diversity and equity
  • To prepare staff to integrate culturally relevant and responsive approaches to teaching and learning so that they are evident in:
    • school culture and climate
    • the curriculum
    • the ways in which educators think about themselves and their practice
    • their interactions with students and families