Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Genesee Community Charter School Unpaid Meal Charge Policy

Here at the Genesee Community Charter School, all school meals are preordered a month in advance.  A menu is sent home about 2 weeks before the start of the month.  Each family needs to fill out what their child would like to choose to eat for that day, week, or month.  The menu and proper payment are due on the same day.  In the event that only the menu is received back , the school does process the menu request and a bill is sent home to the family for the specific amount.  Bills are mailed home monthly to families if payment is not received.  

March 27th-31st Breakfast and Lunch Menu

April 3rd-7th Breakfast and Lunch Menu

April 10th-14th Breakfast and Lunch Menu

April 24th-28th Breakfast and Lunch Menu