Wellness Plan

Wellness Policy for Genesee Community Charter School



Genesee Community Charter School (GCCS) provides a school environment that encourages and supports children’s health and well- being. Therefore, the entire staff at this school provides a role model for healthy eating and promotes physical activity in and out school that fosters a healthy lifestyle for the families which are served in this school community. The school will provide an educational model that will foster healthy eating and daily physical activity for both staff and students. The school will link healthy nutrition education and physical activity with the school meal program and related community physical activities.


Health Services will be monitored by a licensed school aide nurse provided by the Board of Cooperative Services. She will ensure that all students meet the New York State guidelines for hearing, vision and scoliosis. Student dental records will be reviewed. Referrals for additional care will be sent to parents as needed. A specific portion of the staff will be recertified in First Aide, CPR and Defibrillator Training this school year and in the forthcoming school years.


There will be an Emergency Response Plan in place at Genesee Community Charter School along with an Emergency Response Team who will continually update the plan to reflect the needs of GCCS.


Goals to Promote School Wellness:


Nutrition Education and guidelines will facilitate a voluntary adoption of healthy eating habits and appropriate physical activities to contribute to a healthy lifestyle for our students and their families.


1. Classroom Teaching

  • Nutrition education will be integrated into all areas of the Curriculum as much as academically possible.
  • The curriculum will support areas of nutrition and physical activities to promote healthy living. Grades 4-6 will participate in a run/walk on a weekly basis and monitor the distance of each individual.

2. Staff Training

  • Appropriate Staff will be trained to monitor the breakfast/ lunch program to maintain and support healthy eating and protect the New York State Guidelines.

3. Guidelines for Food in Schools during the School Day

  • All foods brought into school to be shared with students will be store bought to ensure that it is prepared in a health department inspected facility.
  • All school lunches and breakfasts will be prepared peanut free.
  • Some Classrooms will be Peanut free when appropriate.
  • Parents will be asked to participate in providing healthy snacks as encouraged by GCCS’s Nutritional Initiative .GCCS will encourage wellness planning through shared decision-making of students, parents, staff and their Board of Directors to implement healthy living within this community.

4. Physical Activities

  • Participation in physical education is required by all students including students with disabilities or a health impairment. Because of the unique expeditionary program at GCCS Dance is included at our weekly Community Circle which includes students, parents and staff. There are 3 times per year in which students participate in nightly presentations to their families that usually include dance activities. Physical activity is encouraged on all levels of programing at GCCS.

5. Implementation and Evaluation of the Wellness Policy

School Staff and the community will be made aware of the policy through means such as publication in the school Newsletter. This policy will be reviewed and altered as needed on a yearly basis.