School Leader

Lisa Wing

It is likely that professionals in all walks of life have dreams. Detectives probably dream of cracking a big case, medical researchers dream of finding an important cure, and authors dream of writing a great novel. Lisa Wing never shared those aspirations, but was very familiar with teacher dreams.

Shannon Hillman

Shannon Hillman started working as a sixth grade teacher at the Genesee Community Charter School in 2005.  Prior to teaching at the Genesee Community Charter School, Ms. Hillman gained her first teaching experiences in a few different school settings in and around the Rochester area ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade.  Ms. Hillman also worked as a nanny, tour guide, and recreation camp counselor prior to finishing her degrees.    Ms. Hillman has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Wells College and master’s degree in Inclusive Education from Nazareth College.   In her first year at Genesee Community Charter School, Ms. Hillman was awarded a Fund For Teachers Fellowship to study canals in Europe to enhance the sixth grade curriculum.  Since then, her effort to have sixth graders perform authentic services to the Rochester community was awarded with the 2010 Plank Fellowship Award sponsored by Fund For Teachers.

Ms. Hillman has a lot of previous experience with vocal and instrumental music, dance, and drama, and directed an all-women's A Capella group for three years in college. Ms. Hillman also enjoys skiing, scrapbooking, and most importantly, playing with her twin children.

About the Genesee Community Charter School, Ms. Hillman states: “My absolute favorite Genesee Community Charter School traditions are the Community Circle on the first day of school and Passage Ceremony.  There is something magical that occurs on those first and last days of the year.  Music is flowing from all of us and smiles linger for hours, even days on end!  These events remind me of how special Genesee Community Charter School really is to me.