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GCCS families, parents and caregivers are a welcome and significant part of their children’s education at GCCS.


GCCS believes that children learn best when schools and families work in partnership with each other. Parents have many resources, strengths, and areas of expertise that enrich our instructional program. In addition, children whose parents are involved in their education perform better academically and socially.

Back to School 2022!

As we prepare for our upcoming school year for both schools, here are a few things incoming families should know:

  • First Day of School
    • for GCCS at the Rochester Museum & Science Center : Wednesday, August 31st
    • for GCCS – Flour City Campus: Tuesday, September, 13th

 *GCCS – Flour City has a phone number!! (585)417-7020


COVID-19 Updates

GCCS recognizes the hardships families are experiencing due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Therefore, there are several ways our school can support our families and students:

  • Social Emotional Wellness, Transportation, and Other Resource Sharing – In addition to our private GCCS class pages, our school has started a GCCSCares Facebook page so families can share resources across grade levels.  The Family Association can also be a valuable resource.  Email with any questions or needs you may have.
  • The American Rescue Plan Act is providing GCCS and all schools with a substantial amount of funding to support COVID-related expenses including learning loss and COVID-19 prevention over the next two years (until the fall of 2024).  GCCS plans to utilize these funds in the following ways:
    • Fund comprehensive after school programming for the next three years
    • Support targeted interventions for students who are one or more grade levels behind in reading or math
    • Training for staff, students, and families in Restorative Practices to support relationships given the racial, economic, and academic inequities of the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Supporting continuity of learning by providing additional building substitutes when staff have to be absent more often due to COVID-19 prevention protocols
    • Fund personnel such as a School Social Worker and Math Intervention Specialist to support students directly in learning loss and social-emotional wellness
    • Replace and purchase technology to support hybrid and remote learning for staff and students.

More information will be provided regarding this plan during the 2022-23 school year.  If you have suggestions for how to utilize this funding, please email Shannon Hillman at

For additional public comment or feedback regarding American Rescue  Plan Act, other COVID relief funding, or Title Funding, please join our Board of Trustees July Meeting on Wednesday, July 20th from 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

For additional Parental Support or more information for families, please call:

GCCS Hotline 585-310-0103.  

For any other school-related calls, please call 585-697-1960.

Family Commitments and Expectations

The Family Handbook

The Family Handbook will inform you of GCCS policies and procedures which contribute to the smooth operation of our school.  The Handbook can be downloaded by clicking here.  Flour City Family Handbook will be available soon, stay tuned!

The School’s full Discipline Policy can be found here.

The Parents Bill of Rights for Data Privacy and Security can be found here.

Family Service

It is recommended that families commit to providing 20 hours per year of service to the school upon enrollment of their children in GCCS.  Families can fulfill this commitment in a variety of ways:

  • Chaperoning fieldwork
  • Volunteering in the classroom
    • Reading with groups or individuals
    • Helping with projects
    • Serving as a guest expert
  • Serving as a Family Association Officer or Committee Member
  • Volunteering at Family Association events
  • Serving on the Board of Trustees
  • Serving as a room parent
  • Performing clerical tasks at home
  • Working at Saturday Cleaning Days
  • Performing handiwork, e.g. light carpentry, painting
  • Doing photography or videography
  • Managing the class’s Facebook page
  • Managing class initiatives such as Scholastic Book orders.

Each year as part of the enrollment/re-enrollment process, families complete a survey of their volunteer interests.  That information is provided to the classroom teachers and Family Association officers.  In addition, calls for volunteers will appear in Currents and in the weekly classroom newsletters.

Supporting Your Child at Home

Upon enrollment, each family commits to supporting their children’s learning at home.  We ask that families commit to:

  • Assisting with and monitoring homework assignments every day.
  • Reading with their child 15 minutes each day.
  • Attending Parent-Teacher conferences.
  • Attending school-wide day and evening events whenever possible.
  • Encouraging their child to follow school community policies and procedures.
  • Making sure their child attends school and is on time each day.
  • Talking each day with their child about what he or she is learning, class projects, field studies, and other school activities.
  • Serving the school community at least 20 hours per year (see Family Service).

GCCS Family Support

Family Association

The Family Association is an organization of student families and staff that strengthens the school community through social events, fund raising activities, and community service.  Family Association meetings are held twice a year.  The Association is led cooperatively by elected representatives.

The Family Association hosts several events throughout the year to bring families together.  Some of these events are:

  • Welcome Reception for new families
  • Potluck Dinner
  • Family Game Night
  • Winter Skating Party
  • Family Dance Party
  • Family Picnic

See the calendars listed in the school newsletter for the dates of this year’s Family Association events.

Diversity and Racial Equity Committee

GCCS was founded on the belief that all children benefit from life experiences that come with attending school with peers from other racial, socio-economic, religious, and ethnic groups as well as those who have disabilities, live in different geographic areas, and have different family structures.  We have been fortunate to provide our students with one of the most diverse peer populations in the county.

In order to capitalize upon our diversity and improve our ability to promote students’ appreciation of their classmates’ different backgrounds, this committee of staff, parents, and alumni has been founded to support and facilitate parent and student community-building across differences.  In addition, the committee supports staff efforts to celebrate and highlight opportunities to talk productively about race and bias and build personal relationships and make cultural curriculum connections.

Additional Family Resources

It is important that GCCS families receive the support they need from the school as well as the surrounding community.  Our Special Education Coordinator delivers reading intervention services to students who are academically at-risk and also serves as the liaison between GCCS and the students’ home district when receiving Special Education services.  Our Social Worker partners with students, parents, and teachers to cultivate student achievement both academically and socially by fostering well-being, leadership and a positive learning experience through support groups, as well as individual and classroom lessons.  Here are some additional community resources recommended by the Social Worker and Special Education Coordinator:

Local Community Resources

Rochester Community Resources

Monroe County Resources

Reading Recommendations