EL Education focuses on experiential learning such as student field trips


EL Education

The EL Education approach to learning promotes excellence by enhancing instructional practices and instilling a positive school culture.

EL Education

Genesee Community Charter School is widely known for its EL Education curriculum planning, professional development and student engagement.

EL Education

EL Education is a model for whole school reform that partners with schools to provide professional development, curriculum planning resources, and school structures to boost student engagement, character, and achievement. Founded in the traditions of Outward Bound, EL Education enhances instructional practices and instills a positive school culture by emphasizing:

  • a rigorous and engaging curriculum;
  • an active, inquiry-based pedagogy; and
  • a school culture that fosters compassion and collaboration.

Genesee Community Charter School implements the EL Education approach to the highest degree of fidelity. As an EL Education Mentor and Credentialed School, we host professional development seminars for educators from across the nation. Our staff attends EL Education conferences, seminars, and workshops throughout the country as participants and presenters.

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