Fieldwork prepares students by learning on location

Exploring Community Connections By

Learning on Location

Students experience history and science throughout the Rochester community and beyond. The local community serves as the foundation to learning expeditions.

Fieldwork & Guest Experts

Our classes frequently venture outside the school building for purposeful and challenging field studies that bring history and science to life. Fieldwork is an integral part of the academic program at GCCS. 


Field studies are carefully structured to address the learning goals of the expedition, and afford students rich opportunities to “learn on location.” With a specific learning purpose in mind and armed with questions and note catchers, students visit local museums and parks, businesses and cemeteries, historic sites and nature centers.  Overnight field studies are planned when distant resources are central to our students’ understanding of the content of an expedition. Field studies test the limits of students’ physical stamina and academic ability and cultivate peer collaboration.

Day Fieldwork Destinations

Rochester Museum & Science Center, Genesee River, Rochester Public Market, High Falls, Penn Dixie Fossil Preserve and Nature Reserve, Memorial Art Gallery, Highland Park, Lamberton Conservatory, Genesee Valley Park, Crossman Seeds, Strong National Museum of Play, Camillus Erie Canal Park, Old Erie Canal Aqueduct, Genesee Country Village & Museum, George Eastman House, Lockport Canal, Pittsford Lock, Palmyra General Store, Bay Creek Paddling, Susan B. Anthony House, Seneca Park Zoo, Sam Patch Canal Boat, Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Home Depot, local bridges, local businesses


Second & Third Grade Overnight Fieldwork

Settler Simulation

Settler Simulation

Webster Park

Students immerse themselves in problem solving tasks based on the first seven settlements in Rochester.

Fourth & Fifth Grade Overnight Fieldwork

Letchworth River Trip

River Trip

Letchworth State Park

Students investigate river formation and geology by travelling the entire length of the Genesee River over three days, making stops to engage in hands-on learning along the way.


Revolutionary War/Declaration of Independence

Philadelphia, PA or Boston, MA

Students learn about the beginnings of our country by travelling to either Philadelphia or Boston. The destination is determined by the focus of the expedition.

Immigration and Industrialization

Immigration and Industrialization

New York City, NY/ Pawtucket, RI / Lowell, MA

Students explore immigration and the American Industrial Revolution. Destinations include Ellis Island, The Tenement Museum, Slater Mills, and the Boott Cotton Mill.

Sixth Grade Overnight Fieldwork

Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreat

Camp Gorham, Adirondacks

Students develop leadership skills by engaging in team building activities.

Four Cities

“Four Cities”

As part of their year-long research on a “hot topic”, the class typically divides into four groups, each traveling a distant city to learn about the topic. The information gathered on the field study is synthesized and shared in a formal presentation or other final product with stakeholders to help inform decision making in our community.

Guest Experts

In addition to venturing out into the community for fieldwork, we often invite experts into our school. Professionals in the field share their expertise to deepen students’ understanding of the topic. Experts sometimes charge a class with a real-work task to launch an expedition or serve as a critical friend by providing feedback on a final product.

Our students are exposed to a wide-range of professions during their time at GCCS.

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