“The rigor is impressive, and my children are gaining such an in-depth perspective on the world around them. They are confident speakers and performers, which has transferred in to their lives outside the classroom.” – GCCS Parent

Testimonials of GCCS Students and Parents

Revitalizing Rochester

Sixth Grade Class of 2006 in action

Representing Rochester

Class of 2006 Keynote Speakers at 2010 EL National Conference

Revisiting Rochester

Class of 2006 reflect on the impact GCCS had on who they are today

“The expeditionary model is a signature strength of GCCS and the focus on Rochester is important for creating future citizens.”

GCCS Parent

“I believe all of these elements are connected in some way; you cannot have success in one without the other. I believe the students at GCCS are getting a well-rounded education in academics, arts, community and friendship.”

GCCS Parent

“We have nothing but respect and admiration for the arts teachers. Mrs. Johnson, Ms. Lockner, and Mrs. Barone all do an amazing job and we greatly appreciate how well arts are integrated in the classroom and throughout the school curriculum.”

GCCS Parent

“My class is very good at persevering when the work gets hard. We have gone on many overnight and day field studies and some, if not all, of them are meant to mentally and physically challenge you.”

GCCS Parent

“We recognize that our school is different from other schools and we are lucky that we have such great resources and teachers.”

GCCS Parent

“I feel so, so, so proud to be here and hold these documents. At my old school, they’d hand me a worksheet. But here I get to touch history.”

Gwynnie, 2nd Grade, at Rundel Library Local History Room

“You know how some people work really hard to find a cure for cancer, and that’s more of a mental challenge? And other people work really hard to climb a mountain, and that’s more of a physical challenge? Well, in this school we do both.”

Sydney, Grade 5

GCCS Alumni Keynote Speaker

2018 EL National Conference

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