4th and 5th grade students

Rising to

Higher Levels

Academic demands and higher expectations of character integrity.

Fourth & Fifth Grade Loop

In fourth and fifth grades, students move physically to the second-floor environment where they must step up to meet the great academic demands and higher expectations of character integrity.

Expedition content increases in complexity and challenges students, both in their comprehension and social interactions.

Increasingly, they are guided by their own questions during expeditions. Students at this level show more sophistication in their ability to conduct independent investigations. As researchers they draw on multiple fiction and nonfiction sources and examine issues and events from multiple perspectives. Reading and writing is devoted almost exclusively to expedition work. Fieldwork becomes more rigorous and multi-day field studies provide in-depth experiences.

Working Independently

Fourth and fifth grades continue to develop their ability to work independently, in small groups, and as a whole class. At this age, social relationships grow in their importance. Activities are designed to guide students to further develop empathy towards one another, and better understand viewpoints from multiple perspectives. By debriefing their thoughts and experiences, students learn to be inclusive. They also begin to take on leadership roles and offer service to members of our school, the museum, and Rochester communities.

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