Fifth Grade Chants, “Vote For Our Future!”

On Thursday, October 29th and Monday, November 2nd, fifth graders paraded around East Avenue and Goodman Street to promote voting!  This fall, their expedition connected the current election to America’s history of grappling with slavery, equal rights and discrimination. They followed the timeline from early Rochesterville to today to learn about the myriad of people and movements that stood up against injustice and used their gifts and talents for change.  Now it’s the fifth graders’ turn to use their gifts to promote voting in our area.  “V-O-T-E! Vote for our future! Vote because we can’t!”

The media turned their attention to these powerful voices and local Channels 10, 13, and Spectrum News all covered their self-made parade!  Here is a link to the Spectrum News Story:

Let’s all vote for fifth grade’s future!  Happy Election Day!

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